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Because how will caravanning be a social experience? On one hand, by bringing together a larger team yourself. Three or four or even more families get together, a school community or even a company, there is someone in a group of friends who also organizes the camps. We prepare everything, develop a specific program and pricing proposal. Anyone who has a child knows what an experience it is for the boys if there are other kids of similar age in the team. But of course you adults are also welcome a good company, right? And if necessary, we will even take care of the children while you are surfing or partying in the city. Of course, they are more than welcome to attend also.


On the other hand, by joining our camps, which we bring together under the leadership of partners you may even know. They include a gastro blogger, a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a Brazilian jitsu master, a team that also organizes other surf camps, or a cool influencer, and the range will only continue to expand. The theme of the camps also fits somewhat with the personality of the partner, but the framework is very similar in all camps. In addition to organization, the program always includes flexibility, just as the team likes.


Of course, there is also the possibility to rent a camper, and all the benefits we have written about so far apply. There are ready-made itineraries, and if you want, we can even bring you together with other Hungarian or even foreign families and groups who are currently in our other cars. In the longer term, you can even count on programs that we open up to other motorhome teams in Fuerte as well.


We believe that during a holiday on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in direct contact with the power and the beauty of mother nature especially while on the surfboard, in an awesome group of humans, all these appear to be actually feasible. Come and join us in our mission, meet with likeminded people and become an active member of our community.


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