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Long Term Parking

This service is for those who would like to leave their camper for months in a very safe place, where we look after it.

Our spot is the only official caravan parking area in Fuerteventura with all the services you need around your motorhome. We are a completely safe place, fenced and guarded 24-hours a day, indeed, our caravan experts are always there to help you solve any issue concerning your camper. If you have a long-term contract, you or your guests can obviously come anytime for a shower, charge up the battery and fill up or empty your water tanks. Thus, there is no need to stand in the line outside at the fuel station. If you opt for the service, your motorhome can be plugged in as long as it is parking at our place, and you can even ask us to turn on your fridge, fill up your gas bottle, or clean your camper before you arrive or after you leave. We even provide you with a vacuum cleaner and detergents. Our people can also help you in basic maintenance jobs, receiving spare-parts while you are away, and even in smaller repairs.

Choose the service you prefer::

Parking only without electricity. Price: €200 per month

Parking only with electricity. Price: €250 per month

All-inclusive service. Price: €300 per month (filling water, using electricity, using shower, using washing machine and dryer)

For longer periods we give you a special price


If you have further questions call us or whatsapp us for more information or come to our parking lot in person.
We are always here to help :)

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