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Even though we aim to be more than a general caravan rental company in Fuerteventura, we can offer you our fully equipped luxury motorhomes only for rental as well.


Brand new (2021)

Low mileage, very good condition

Suitable for 4-6 persons

Fully equipped

Completely off-grid with solar

800 EUR security deposit

Fiat Challenger 256 in the Caravamos fleet

Filling fresh water

The van has a 120L fresh water tank that you can use for showering, doing the dishes and washing your hands.

Draining the grey water

The van has a 120L grey water tank that collects all the waste water from showering, doing dishes or washing hands. It is the same capacity as the fresh water tank, so when you run out of fresh water, you will need to empty this tank.

How to empty the toilet

The toilet is a separate system from the grey water, it is a box directly under the toilet that you need to pull out in order to empty it. It can fill up very quickly if you flush it for a long time. For 2 persons, usually enough for 3 days.

How to turn on the gas stove

It's like a normal household gas stove, push and turn and until you keep it pushed it will spark.


The van has a 12V AC power system charged by solar panels (no need to plug into a camp site grid) and if you need 220V DC (normal EU household electrical plug), you need to turn on the inverter that is converting the 12V AC up to 220V DC. If the battery is drained let's say at night when the solar can not recharge it, you can always start the engine and let it idle for 15 minutes, the alternator of the van will recharge both batteries.

Outside locks

In this clip we show you how the outside locks work.

Opening the windows

Always be gentle and careful with everything :)

Water heating

In order to have warm water you need to heat it as it is shown in this clip. The van has a 20L tank that is heated by the propane system. You have to wait 15 minutes after turning on and then you will have nice, warm water. Water pump have to be on to heat the water! Should be on all the time anyways.

Toilet how to

Always open it when you sit down, flush with as less water as you can (so it does not get full so quickly) and then close it.


Easy as pie.

Filling up the diesel and adblue

Located at the drivers door you can find the filling necks.

Fridge setup

The fridge should always be on if the main power button is not turned off. We always set it to automatic and it is best to leave it as it is.

Checking water and battery voltage

The main power button, the lights button and the water pump button should always be on.

Heating of the van

If you get cold at night you can always turn on the heating.

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