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Even though we aim to be more than a general caravan rental company in Fuerteventura, we can offer you our fully equipped luxury motorhomes only for rental as well.


Brand new

Low mileage

Suitable for 2-3 persons

Fully equipped

Completely off-grid with solar

400 EUR security deposit

Dreamer D55 UP in the Caravamos fleet

Filling the fresh water

The van has a 120L fresh water tank that you can use for showering, doing the dishes and washing your hands.

Draining the grey water

The van has a 120L grey water tank that collects all the waste water from showering, doing dishes or washing hands. It is the same capacity as the fresh water tank, so when you run out of fresh water, you will need to empty this tank.

How to empty the toilet

The toilet is a separate system from the grey water, it is a box directly under the toilet that you need to pull out in order to empty it. It can fill up very quickly if you flush it for a long time. For 2 persons, usually enough for 3 days.

How to turn on the gas stove

It is like a normal household gas stove, push and turn and until you keep it pushed it will spark.

Seat swiveling

You can swivel the front seats and raise the cabover bed in order to have much more space.

Opening the roof bed

With this type of roof bed you can enjoy wild camping the most, it is like sleeping outside in a tent but in a much better way. You can feel the breeze that comes from the ocean and have a great night sleep because of the quality matress.

Opening the windows

Always be gentle and careful with everything :)

Water heating

In order to have warm water you need to heat it as it is shown in this clip. The van has a 20L tank that is heated by the propane system. You have to wait 15 minutes after turning on and then you will have nice, warm water. Water pump have to be on to heat the water! Always turn off water heating after showering!


This solution gives you room for a big cabinet and also for a full size shower for even over 190cm tall people.

Main panel

Check your water level, battery power and inside temperature.


The door stops in two different positions, half open and fully open. When you close it you should always keep the handle pulled to aviod breaking the stopping mechanism.

Check out our motorhomes

Our caravans are brand new or maximum 1-2 year old large vehicles suitable for 4-6 people. The campers are fully equipped, all with a kitchen, bathroom, electricity, hot water and heating.

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