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I have been working with the body and soul for nearly 15 years, I have been active in the world of fitness and sports for the same time, and I am convinced that in the fast-paced world everyone needs relaxation and recharging (yes, not just our mobile phones). That's why we created this camp, which is made up of our favorite activities: surf, yoga, fitness, caravanning, the sea and whatever we feel like doing at the time, all with family/friends.

Yes, there is such a thing and it is now more accessible to you than you think! If you want to try them out, collect unforgettable memories, make friends, take part in life-long adventures and experiences, then don't even think about it, this is your chance! Surfing is not mandatory, but believe us, it would be a shame to miss it.

Caravamos Camper & Cheap Car rental


8-15 February, 2024


8 days / 7 nights


Fuerteventura, Canary islands


In extra-equipped, almost brand-new motorhomes; 3-4 person/vehicle


Individually, but it is almost certain that most of us fly together from Budapest


25-30 person (8 campers)


€600 / person (without surfing)
€400 / person (under 14 years, without surfing)
Surf package: €200 / person / week


€200 / person (5 sessions, with equipment)

Caravamos Camper & Cheap Car rental


Wouldn't you like to try the freedom of caravanning? Maybe with learning to surf, some exercise, yoga, parties, good food and yes, even on the ocean coast in a fully equipped camper, in great company. Oh, and all this by escaping from the late autumn at home to the realm of eternal summer, the Canary Islands.

Well, we have put together just such a camp for you together with Caravamos, who are a Hungarian team out in Fuerteventura, where groups of friends who like more active holidays, families with children and even single ladies and gentlemen can take part in a very special adventure.

Fuerteventura, the least explored and therefore still the "hippest" member of the Canary Islands. The island is a paradise for windsurfing and all other windy water sports. And also for motorhomes, since here you can still sleep on the ocean shore or on the rocks, there are no traffic jams and there is always a quiet full-panoramic parking space.
The program is well thought out and tested, with lots of activities, excursions, and many secret spots, but taking advantage of the advantages of caravanning, there is also freedom, we can adapt the program at any time according to the requests of the team. Of course, we try to move together as much as possible.

Many of you train with me, maybe we have already gone rafting together or in another joint camp. You know each other and quite a few of you already may know each other. That's great, but of course anyone else who isn't a team member can come. There will be joint sports, running, yoga, depending on the determination of the group. We will eat well and, of course party together on the oceanfront in the ring of motorhomes or in Corralejo.

Surfing is not mandatory, but the program is based a bit around surfing lessons. For those who do not participate, we will have tips on how to spend your time in the meantime. However, it's really a shame to miss it, a good party and even a lifelong relationship can easily form. In our opinion, the best instructors on the island will help you, and of course all equipment will be included. Whether you're a complete beginner, or if you've already tried it, or if your skills are more advanced, at Fuerte we always find a wave that's just right for you.



What is included

A fully developed, well-proven weekly program with places to sleep, attractions, secret places, but with the necessary flexibility
The largest and best equipped, almost completely new, 4-6 person motorhomes
A maximum of 4 people will sleep in a motorhome (2-2 next to each other, possibly someone on the extra bed)
Bed linen and towels, so that it's really enough to travel with just one backpack
If you come with children, we will take care of them during the surf session
A dedicated Caravamos tour guide throughout the week who accompanies the group and helps with everything
We also help empty and fill the tanks of motorhomes, and we go to the site at any time in case you have a problem, to repair or to switch on anything
A 2-3 day trip around the entire island
Transfer from the airport to the campers and back to the airport.
Many kinds of toys and sports equipment for the beach are in the motorhomes so that you don't have to bring them with you
Organizing surfing lessons at any skill level, with full equipment and insurance, if you come to surf with us. The surf package is optional and costs 200 EUR.

What is not included

The price of the plane ticket
The cost of fuel (maximum 1 full tank will be consumed, we don't drive a lot)
Meals (its possible to eat in the cars and of course we will also go to a restaurant, according to the needs of the group)
The costs of extra programs, which will be decided by the group (buggy rides, boat trips, diving, aqupark, etc.)
Travel insurance
Deposit 1,000 euros per camper (preferably in cash, this will be returned immediately at the end of the tour)
We kindly ask you to return the caravans after they have been cleaned inside and the waste water and toilet has been drained





Our caravans are brand new or maximum 1-2 year old large vehicles suitable for 4-6 people. The campers are fully equipped, all with a kitchen, bathroom, electricity, hot water and heating.

We provide you with all the stuff you need from bedding, towels, kitchen equipment, and even camping stuff, so you only need a backpack for your caravanning trip to Fuerteventura.

Indeed, we are always there to help you in anything around the camper and in making your RV journey totally seamless and a truly meaningful vacation.


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