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Caravanning Trips with Friends

You can have surfing and yoga lessons and have lots of other sporting, leisure and party opportunities all facilitated by us. We might surf everyday on the spot and at the time the waves and the group’s surfing skills make it the most appropriate, or we can decide to organize a bit less sporty vacation for you too. We are collaborating with the most respected and experienced local surf schools and instructors, so the highest quality is guaranteed on the waves.

We’ll advertise our camps for certain age groups as we believe this is the best way to build chemistry among fellow travelers. We also believe age is just a number so if you are not in the advertised age group get in touch and we will figure out which caravanning trip suits you the best.

If you allow us to do so, we’ll also share with others who’s travelling with us on given days, so that you might check out who’s around, and maybe even select your dates accordingly. This service is under construction, but will be introduced soon.

Duration: 3-7 days

Location: Fuerteventura

Price: from €99 per person per day; Whole year around


What is included

Transfer from the airport to the campers and back to the airport.

What is not included

Contact us for a special price

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