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Caravamos Team - Attila CO-FOUNDER


So, I bought my first caravan and drove from Hungary to Fuerteventura in the middle of the pandemics.

I’ve been involved in many aspects of the advertising business, worked at creative agencies, ran a multinational media agency and the largest outdoor advertising firm in Hungary, and also spent time as a practicing lawyer and earned an MBA from MIT.

Nevertheless, it was my divorce a few years ago that left me and my five kids in a desperate shock, but it eventually opened my eyes for what I was really supposed to do in the second part of my life.

I believe that in a small group of awesome, like-minded people, especially if facilitated by someone, who really cares about the team, amazing ideas can start to flourish. A holiday, like a surfing vacation in a caravan on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in Fuerteventura, can be the right start of a brand-new wholesome journey. It can open our “blue-mind”, increase our creativity, fill us with intuitions, and if we meet working examples as well, proving that “it is actually possible”, we’ll get the right motivation hopefully to change our life for good, and finally start helping others as much as we can.

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We believe that during a holiday on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in direct contact with the power and the beauty of mother nature especially while on the surfboard, in an awesome group of humans, all these appear to be actually feasible. Come and join us in our mission, meet with likeminded people and become an active member of our community.

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