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Caravamos Team - Janos CTO-Camper Expert


I am software engineer and mostly a web developer, at least that was my job in my earlier life before coming to Fuerteventura.

I love fixing anything, I love campers, I love freedom and exploring the beauty that nature has to offer so it was the dream job for me.

Quickly took the opportunity to come to the island all the way from Sicily, where I was at the time with my wife, my camper and 2 lovely dogs. We were traveling trough Italy and working remotely so we had nothing to lose. And how is it now? It was the best decision i made in my entire life!

We love it here so much that words could not describe it. The weather is always perfect, never gets cold, never gets too hot, it is just perfect. It is a camper paradise, wild camping is allowed almost anywhere, only in national parks you can not stop at the ocean shore but anywhere else it is feet in the water experince. Everyone is very kind, people come here for holidays so they are all happy.

It really is the dream job! And Attila made sure we do not feel like it being a regular job, rather a big family workig toward the same goal, which is;

To redefine the world of caravanning!

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We believe that on a holiday, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in a direct contact with the power and the beauty of mother nature while especially while on the surf board, all these in an awesome group of humans, appear to be actually feasible. Come and join us in our mission, meet with likeminded people and become an active member of our community.