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This camp is mainly for practitioners of jiu-jitsu and their families and friends. This is not a training camp, but as I know myself and my team members we will have many sessions at the beach. Despite that the camp is of course open to anyone who is interested to try BJJ and/or surfing the first time. Families, groups of friends and solo travellers are all welcome! The good company is guaranteed and we are looking forward to spend an active week and quality time with all of you experiencing the freedom of vanlife and surfing. Of course surfing is optional too but highly recommended!

Caravamos Camper & Cheap Car rental


22-29 February, 2024


8 days / 7 nights


Fuerteventura, Canary islands


In extra-equipped, almost brand-new motorhomes; 3-4 person/vehicle


Individually (probably from Budapest with a flight connection)


Fuerteventura Airport or the Caravamos base in Corralejo


€400 / person (without surf)
€300 / person (under 14, without surf)
Surf-package: €200 / person / week (5 sessions)


It is not mandatory, however not worth skipping. Experience level from beginner to advanced. Five sessions with instructor, full equipment.

Caravamos Camper & Cheap Car rental


Surfing and Brazilian jiu jitsu have a long history and shared practitioners. Kelly Slater, Joel Tudor, Frederick Patacchia are pro surfers and devoted BJJ athletes too. Many BJJ champs also love surfing, Rolls, Rickson and Royler Gracie took every chance to ride waves. Ricardo Cachorrao, Alexandre Soca and Mauricio Tinghuinha excel in BJJ and are experienced wave riders too.
Surfers often turn to jiu jitsu as a way to train both physically and mentally while out of the water. Likewise, BJJ practitioners often find that the ocean presents them with something new and different to challenge themselves with.
Now take jiu jitsu and surfing, add the freedom of motorhomes and caravanning with a group of like-minded people, put this into the endless summer environment of the Canary Islands and you have the best combination one can imagine. Escape the cold and grey winter days of mainland Europe and treat yourself and your family with an adventure trip you have had on your bucket list forever. It is always better to experience new things in good company!
Christmas is just around the corner and travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
Caravamos team is also connected to both surfing and BJJ, the company founder Attila has been practicing both for years. His and his team's local knowledge and dedication was all blended into this camp to deliver a unique experience to all campers from families to group of friends or solo travellers at Fuerteventura, the least touristy and most "hippie" member of the Canaries. This island is not only a watersport mecca but also a paradise for motorhome trips as it is allowed to park&sleep at the beaches and cliffs of the Altlantic, traffic is always low and it is easy to find parking spots with full panoramic views.
The weekly schedule is well tested and includes lot of activities and hikes to keep the whole group entertained all the time. We will visit volcanoes, caves, cliff jump spots, rock pools and great local restaurants to refill your energy. With the freedom of the motorhomes we can always adjust the schedule according to the group's needs. But of course we will keep the gang together most of the time nothing beats a fun sunset practice session in great company.

Some of the campers will know me personally as we have been practicing together or attended the same training camps. Some of you will know each other too. But we are open to anyone from any part of the world who is interested to practice jiu-jitsu in this interesting setup. This event will not be a strict training camp. We will work out together, go for morning runs, do some yoga and of course lot of rolling at the beach whenever we feel like going for it. Besides the great local cuisine we will also taste the authentic beach side party feeling including a campfire surrounded by motorhomes and we will also have the chance explore the nightlife of Corralejo, this hip Canarian beach town which will serve as our base too.

This camp will focus on surfing too but you do not need any surfing experience to join. If you decide to join the camp but not to surf that's not a problem either we will have tips and guidance if you do not want to hang out at the beach while others are surfing. However we really recommend you to give it a try, you will love it, we guarantee that! We work with local surf schools and instructors who are passionate about teaching. All the equipment will be provided during surf lessons & experienced surfers can rent equipment too.



What is included

A fully developed, well-proven weekly program with places to sleep, attractions, secret places, but with the necessary flexibility
The largest and best equipped, almost completely new, 4-6 person motorhomes
A maximum of 4 people will sleep in a motorhome (2-2 next to each other, possibly someone on the extra bed)
Bed linen and towels, so that it's really enough to travel with just one backpack
If you come with children, we will take care of them during the surf session
A dedicated Caravamos tour guide throughout the week who accompanies the group and helps with everything
We also help empty and fill the tanks of motorhomes, and we go to the site at any time in case you have a problem, to repair or to switch on anything
A 2-3 day trip around the entire island
Transfer from the airport to the campers and back to the airport.
Many kinds of toys and sports equipment for the beach are in the motorhomes so that you don't have to bring them with you
Organizing surfing lessons at any skill level, with full equipment and insurance, if you come to surf with us. The surf package is optional and costs 200 EUR.

What is not included

The price of the plane ticket
The cost of fuel (maximum 1 full tank will be consumed, we don't drive a lot)
Meals (its possible to eat in the cars and of course we will also go to a restaurant, according to the needs of the group)
The costs of extra programs, which will be decided by the group (buggy rides, boat trips, diving, aqupark, etc.)
Travel insurance
Deposit 1,000 euros per camper (preferably in cash, this will be returned immediately at the end of the tour)
We kindly ask you to return the caravans after they have been cleaned inside and the waste water and toilet has been drained





Our caravans are brand new or maximum 1-2 year old large vehicles suitable for 4-6 people. The campers are fully equipped, all with a kitchen, bathroom, electricity, hot water and heating.

We provide you with all the stuff you need from bedding, towels, kitchen equipment, and even camping stuff, so you only need a backpack for your caravanning trip to Fuerteventura.

Indeed, we are always there to help you in anything around the camper and in making your RV journey totally seamless and a truly meaningful vacation.


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