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The combination of caravanning and surfing perhaps on the last spot in Europe where you can really spend the night right next to the ocean. Fuerteventura is the most enchanting and least explored Canary Island. The weather is like early summer all year round and every day is a potential surf day!

Surfing is optional, but we believe you should give it a try if you’re here. Obviously we provide equipment and of course we are waiting for you with professional instructors. On a given day, the surf spot we pick can always change depending on the team’s abilities, ambitions and of course the waves. In general, Fuerteventura is one of the safest places, there are many sandy beaches and in most surf spots the rocks are easily avoided if present at all. The currents are not too dangerous and there are no sharks.

Depending on who joins us during the given period, there will be group yoga, party on the beach, delicious meals together, but we can also take care of the children or organize games, separate surfing or other beach sports for them, so that adults can surf or relax if they feel like it. It is important that - in addition to the organized programs - the possibility of independence still remains, and those who want to join the community programs, they are more than welcome. In fact, anyone can drive anywhere on the island if they feel like it.

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Location: Fuerteventura

Price: €700 – €790 / per person

Traveling: Individually

Accomodation: Almost brand new, very well equipped 4-6 person campers

Surfing: Beginner to intermediate.

If you come with a different number of people or someone is not surfing, ask us for a special price!


Our caravans are brand new or maximum 1-2 year old large vehicles suitable for 4-6 people. The campers are fully equipped, all with a kitchen, bathroom, electricity, hot water and heating.

We provide you with all the stuff you need from bedding, towels, kitchen equipment, and even camping stuff, so you only need a backpack for your caravanning trip to Fuerteventura.

Indeed, we are always there to help you in anything around the camper and in making your RV journey totally seamless and a truly meaningful vacation.


NEW Rent your rv on Fuerteventura

Fiat Challenger C397 (2021)

A-class, 5 Persons, 7.46 m, normal drivers license

NEW Motorhome rental Fuerteventura

Fiat Challenger C256 (2021)

A-class, 6 Persons, 7.20 m, normal drivers license

NEW Caravan rental Fuerteventura

Ford Horon 95M (2022)

A-class, 6 Persons, 7.30 m, normal drivers license

NEW Camper rental Fuerteventura

Dreamer D55 UP (2022)

A-class, 4 Persons, 5.99 m, normal drivers license

NEW Caravan rental Fuerteventura

Rimor Seal 5 (2022)

A-class, 6 Persons, 7.30 m, normal drivers license

NEW Caravan rental Fuerteventura

Roller Team Kronos 295M (2022)

A-class, 6 Persons, 7.30 m, normal drivers license

What is included

Fully equipped motorhome suitable for 4-6 people, but really comfortable for parents and 2-3 kids.
Linen & towels (so that you can travel with your backpack only); a lot of basic food and cooking ingredients (like oil, seasonings, etc.).
Surf classes every day for the whole family (kids and parents together or separately) with all the equipment you need.
Some yoga & meditation sessions.
A dedicated guide (and animator) who’s always there for you to help and facilitates the whole week according to your needs.
Daily two hours of animation and / or baby sitting free (additional for extra fee).
Events for which we invite other families around too.
Help in emptying and filling the tanks of the campers anytime it’s necessary.
Transfer from the airport to the campers and back to the airport.
Free usage of several beach equipment and toys, you wouldn’t bring or buy yourself.

What is not included

Meals, but we help you to order or collect the group’s orders and have the delivery actually arrive too to the beach.
Any extra programs (other than surf, yoga & meditations), like a bus ride back from Cofete to Moro Jable, entrance fees to gyms, boat trip to Los Lobos.
Fuel into the caravans!

Upcoming camps

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