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Make it shine again

Our fully equipped car wash station is located behind the BP fuel station. If you do not want to wait long in a queue for the vacuum cleaner or for washing your car / camper, contact us to reserve your spot for our cleaning services. We professionally clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle, we protect the plastic and leather parts and shine up the wheels and tires. Give us a try and your vehicle will look brand new again.

We are open monday-saturday 09:00-17:00
(Sunday closed)

Choose the service you prefer:

All inclusive car wash inside and outside. From: €30

All inclusive car wash only outside. From: €15

All inclusive car cleaning only inside. From: €15

Camper cleaning inside and outside. From: €80

Camper cleaning only outside. From: €20

Camper cleaning only inside. From: €60


If you have further questions call us or whatsapp us for more information or come to our parking lot in person.
We are always here to help :)

Contact us for a special price

Prices are changing constantly! We might have a last minute offer for you! Type your email address in the box and we send you our best offers right away!