aims to be a venture from the very first day that is built on an honest and transparent Harvard and MIT standard platform strategy specially designed for caravanning trips, first mainly around surfing in Fuerteventura, the most enchanting island of the Canaries. Our platform will introduce thematic motorhome holidays, besides allowing only caravan rental as well for a while, for thoroughly selected target groups with a mission that connects the community we start to build with our guests and future tour operators.

We believe that most people can and should live a much more meaningful life, realize their dreams, their intentions coming from their true self. We at want to show an example that such a whole new life is absolutely possible. A life that aims to be as compassionate as possible and in which one accomplishes the most good for our planet and humanity that he or she is capable and ready to. With this honest intention we will bring together people, who potentially share this kind of collective mindset.

During their caravanning holidays, our guests will have the opportunity to travel in a fully equipped large camper van, or in a group of up to four motorhomes, but always with the freedom to separate from the caravan if they wish. Our caravans are fully equipped luxury vehicles with a kitchen, bathroom, electricity, hot water and heating obviously with all the stuff you need from bedding to the kitchen equipment. Those motorhomes might seem to be pretty complex systems especially for the first time, so we are always there to help in anything you need. We offer packages organized just to extent, you prefer, and according to the type of holiday you select, with surfing equipment, surf instruction, baby-sitting, programs for kids, parties, sport activities, like crossfit or jiujitsu, environmental workshops, organized dolphine watching or snorkeling boat trips, yoga and meditation courses, delivery of healthy food, and occasionally events that are open for a larger group of people around the caravan.

Our first caravanning trips will be organized by ourselves in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, but we hope that we can bring together people, who might join our community and maybe start their own caravanning venture, with the focus that best fits one’s dreams and personality on any spot of the planet. intends to give the push, the motivation, to show an example, that this type of a meaningful life is truly possible.

Nevertheless, is also a platform, which anyone can join easily and kick off with his or her own motorhome trips utilizing our caravans for periods one feels like starting with. We will provide our future tour operators with a “plug and play” online infrastructure, legal background, business model, best practices, thematic ideas that work, the marketing effort needed to fill the camps and even with financial support sometimes. All these again in a startup framework we use at MIT when starting a new venture.

And we don’t stop here! We hope that the services of the platform and the community that runs it, will grow global, and the actually startups, the new trips and the extra services you provide will become attractive investment targets a well. An investment opportunity for our potential tour operators as well as for professional investors, or just individuals, who want to have one or more camper vans somewhere in the world, which we operate and he or she, besides using the caravan(s) anytime, also collects the shared truly attractive ROI. Yepp, there should soon be an investment fund behind the platform too, that will enable anyone to start a meaningful venture, he or she feels the intuition to start with. Because this is what we call true added value. And real value creation can mean real value capture as well. A reinforcing honest feedback loop.

We believe that on a holiday, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in direct contact with the power and beauty of mother nature while on the surf board, all these in an awesome group of humans, appear to be actually feasible. Come and join us in our mission, meet with likeminded people and become an active member of our community. Because at the end of the day, it’s who you go with.

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Sziasztok! I’m Attila, from Budapest, Hungary. I arrived few years ago to Fuerteventura for the first time. The power and beauty of the island was literally tangible and I was just overwhelmed. It became obvious, that the first beachhead of my longtime-nourished plan to start a much more meaningful life and a truly mission driven venture, must happen here, in Fuerteventura. So, I bought my first caravan and drove from Hungary right here a few months ago. I’ve been all around the advertising business, worked at creative agencies, ran a multinational media agency and the largest outdoor advertising firm in Hungary, spent time as a practicing lawyer and earned an MBA from MIT. Nevertheless, it was my divorce a few years ago, that left me and my five kids in a desperate shock, but it eventually opened my eyes for what I was really supposed to do in the second part of my life. I believe that in a small group of awesome, like-minded people, especially if facilitated by someone, who really cares about the team, amazing ideas can start to flourish. A holiday, like a surfing vacation in a caravan on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in Fuerteventura, can be the right start of a brand-new wholesome journey. It can open our “blue-mind”, increase our creativity, fill us with intuitions, and if we meet working examples as well, proving that “it is actually possible”, we’ll get the right motivation hopefully to change our life for good, and finally start helping others as much as we can.

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